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Welcome to Effi!

Despite the spectacular change that has taken place in the area due to the tremendous tourist development of the last 35 years, we, the family of Effi, still think of Platanias as our village and we mean to make our guests feel so too.

Platanias is situated at the mouth of the river of the same name, which at Homer’s time was called Iardanos. On its banks grew maple trees in large numbers and it is from them that the village took its name.

Ano Platanias is the old village at the top of the hill that dominates the area and is known as the Acropolis, affording a marvelous view at all times of the day (don’t miss the breathtaking sunset for anything).

In addition, on the upper side of Platanias is the district of Drakiana, otherwise known as the Orange Valley, a veritable Eden of orange and maple trees through which the river Iardanos flows. In recent years local farmers have also started growing avocados. The place is ideal for long relaxing walks.

Finally on the coastal side you can enjoy the wild scenic beauty of Thodorou an island which is now a wildlife reserve and home to the endangered kri kri, the indigenous wild goat species.

Platanias, our home, is a perfectly balanced combination of a traditional Cretan village and a modern destination for all kind of ages and cultures!

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